To be a leader in IT technology services by exceeding expectations of our clients


LDS strive to exceed client expectations through:

  • Understanding of existing customers’ current and future needs and expectations
  • Understanding needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Involvement of our Leadership and engaged pool of skilled staff
  • Well defined processes
  • Planning and execution of our tasks most efficiently and effectively
  • Relationships with our clients
  • Managing and addressing business risks and opportunities


Do things Right the First Time

The quality principle that symbolizes our approach work, drives all facets of our operation: Engineering, Installation, Testing, Project Management, Logistics, Procurement, Accounts and Management.


We practice the concepts of Kaizen. We seek and strive to constantly improve in all aspects of our operation. This approach ensures that we do things faster with more efficiency, better quality and more value for our customers.

Long‐Term Planning

We base our management decisions on a long‐term philosophy, even at the expense of short‐term financial goals. We are here to develop a strong, reputable and reliable brand – we understand that this objective takes time and we plan and work accordingly.

Technology Leadership


We pride ourselves on being the Technology Leaders. We carefully assess the market dynamics and appropriately select and partner with the leading technology providers, best suited to meet and exceed our customer’s technology/ product requirements.

An open approach that ensures all of our dealings, interactions, decisions and actions are driven by the principles of integrity and protection of the interests of our customers and their project objectives.


Respect for our Customers

We understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining and retaining our customers. To that end, every employee of Link Data Systems, from back‐office staff to the deployment team interfacing with the customer, basis a decision and actions based on the principle of respect and that the customer is always our most “Important Asset”.

Respect for our Resources

As a Service Delivery organization we understand that our resources are our prime asset. As such, we extend and provide all of the necessary support, training and rewards to ensure their focus and drive is aligned with that of our organization.

Respect for our Environment

Taking account of our business needs, customer requirements and the desire to minimize adverse impacts on the environment, we maintain our facilities, run our business operations and deploy products in a responsible manner commensurate with our Environmental Policy.

Respect for the Culture of the Gulf Region

With our operations based in the UAE, we appreciate and respect the business opportunities extended to our organization by the leaders and people of the UAE and Region. To that end we manage our organization, activities and business in a manner that embodies and reinforces the rules, laws and culture of the Region.