PROVISIO was established in 1996 and has been developing software for kiosks and self-service terminals for two decades. At present, PROVISIO employs a staff of 25 (14 of whom are developers and 2 graphic designers), working in the United States and Germany. PROVISIO team has extensive experience in handling kiosk system and self-service projects. Every year they complete approx. 3 to 5 projects consisting of more than 1,000 terminals each. Their responsibilities in connection with these projects often include the realization of the entire screen design and the graphical user interface, including interactive behavior as well as database implementation and programming logic.
– SiteKiosk for Windows and Android safeguards public access computers from any kind of manipulation by the user. SiteKiosk has become one of the most commonly used “”Public Access Terminal Software”” products in the world. Also available for Android.
– SiteKiosk including Digital Signage is the easiest solution you will find when it comes to Digital Signage. Three simple steps are all it takes to create a campaign, set a playback schedule, and share your content. An intuitive, Web-based interface provides you with easy access and assists you every step of the way.
– SiteRemote is a software solution designed to monitor and manage Internet terminals from a remote location. You can use the Web-based SiteRemote application to view and execute the status of a specific Internet terminal and execute maintenance tasks from afar.”