Power Kiosk


POWER kiosk is a leading European supplier of all kinds of self-service terminals with more than 20 years experience. POWER kiosk designs and manufactures a full range of modern stylish kiosks which, complemented by a comprehensive selection of accessories provide an attractive and cost effective solution for a wide variety of business and information applications. With the unique flexibility their products offer, POWER kiosk is very successful in the design and manufacture of customer’s specific kiosk requirements.
Their production capacity exceeds 2,000 units per annum and they have in excess of 25,000 successfully deployed kiosks over more than 30 countries covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North and South America.
POWER kiosk (a member of the POWER group) is a progressive company with a highly qualified and motivated workforce of nearly 40 employees dedicated to satisfying the most exacting requirements of their customers.