Radomir Jovanovic: Managing Director and Owner

An Industrial Engineering graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand with over 16 years working experience in the UAE. He has worked in multiple roles on technology project delivery including Program and Project Management, Technology Strategy Consulting, Business Solutions Consulting and Deployment.

Radomir has extensive project exposure to multiple Industries including Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Aviation, Government, Healthcare, Construction, Hospitality, F&B, Oil & Gas, Finance and Media.

Radomir founded Link Data Systems in 2011 on the back of a decade of working and project experience in the Middle East technology sector. Based on his extensive experience on numerous project deployments, he saw that the level and quality of customer service in the technology field was not at the level it should have been for a developed country such as the UAE. The objective behind Link Data Systems was thus founded – build an organization that provides and delivers technology solutions and products with world class service and delivery. If the clients’ expectations are met and exceeded, the same client will want to work with us as a “trusted partner” and not as a “vendor”.